Co-create like cooking a Stufata

building passion international voorkant

A lot of different partners and professionals with cultural backgrounds are involved in project development en urban renewal. Bringing these people together and communicating there whishes, expertise and perspectives in order to work in concert on the development of their products is my passion. Co-creating is the word!

In the World of project development we tend to specialize and work in our own domain. Phases in project development are separated, and often people in the next step have to wait for the the results of the last step before they can get their specific skill to work. Co-creating saves time as it integrates different phases of the project development process.

People with different professional an cultural backgrounds bring in their own know how and skill simultaneously during this process of co-creating. Therefore and overall alertness of strengths and weaknesses, possibilities an threats to the project at hand is far more present than when people work separately.

Participation is a broad concept.  The aim of participation is, firstly, to develop qualitatively superior and broadly approved plans as many parties are welcomed to bring in their own skills and expertise, and secondly to streamline the project process itself to gain time as all different parties cooperate simultaneously.

Co-create your plans like when making a Stufata…

Put all the necessary ingredients in a frying pan, let the different flavors and scents blend, and see to it that a crispy mix comes out…. Enjoy!

Yasmina Parodi
Building Passion, The International Edition